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What is adsense hosted account and non-hosted account and types of adsense account

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Types of adsense account

My friends are talking about today’s topic for the Google Adsense Approval as you would know that Google Adsense offers two ways Google Adsense Account. The first is the hosted account and the second is a non-hosted account. How are these two working and what are the benefits of this?

Hosted account

First of all, know about the hosted account. Friends, we create an account on YouTube. Create ads and then apply for adsense, the adsense which gives us an account is a hosted account. Only in the hosted account, we can use the same website or use the same YouTube channel. You can not link all websites with an AdSense account and the revenue Google gives to you is 55 and 45 It is easily approved for that you have to follow some rules As the work is 15 days old and work will be 20 posts and the post will be done daily if you do so, you will get Approvel and you should be watching 10k views for YouTube

Non-Hosted account

Now know about non-hosted accounts, there is a non-hosted account that allows you to accept your own website for Google Adsense. In this case, Google gives you a non-hosted account but will have to follow some rules to take it. It also has a revenue share of around 65 and 45 which is a review share, and in this we can link several websites together with many websites, You will not have to apply for repeated approvals if you have a non-hosted account, you can immediately create a new website and put the add code on it immediately and you will start getting it immediately from revenue, so today we do not go to this topic. Google ads are of two types and the benefits of both are thank you

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